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20:46 [85dae0f7fc] Leaf: First iteration of 0.822
0665eba6c864 - Allow blank posts/comments. - Allow the admin to see the email id of the commenter.
71faa43cc496 - Show last page also in page navigation - Add nofollow to prevent search engine crawling of some url's like newentry, forgotpass etc
f20346c07c6d - Fixed bug that prevented editing when clean url is turned on (user: prit, tags: development)
04:42 [d88d8cd334] Leaf: Merged with development. Fixed: RSS link in the browser bar. Fixed: invalid "Not authorized" error. Added theme "readable" and made it default. Removed the "Voluptua" theme. Added logic to try to fallback to any of the 3 default themes if selected theme not found. (user: prit, tags: trunk, 0.821)
06:36 [475d726329] Leaf: Create new branch named "pritlog-light" (user: prit, tags: pritlog-light)